CERITA RAKYAT by Rakan Rukun Negara

Who We Are

Rakan Rukun Negara is a community of Malaysians who believe that an authentic practice of the Rukun Negara implemented throughout our nation, will bring the diverse Malaysian peoples together, united in harmony and mutual respect.

We promote this view by hosting zoom encounters during this time of pandemic – focusing on topical issues for Malaysia, interfaith matters, the practice of justice, the understanding of the Federal Constitution and everyday practice of social inclusion and equality in all aspects of life.

The Project

Thus the CERITA RAKYAT project was born to capture as many Malaysian stories as possible and preserve them for posterity. We would like to invite everyone living in Malaysia to share your stories.

Rakan Rukun Negara welcomes you to our images and stories of Malaysia. We believe that there is a positive story behind Malaysian life that is being missed in the mainstream media – we need to hear from the Malaysian People … and this our way of providing a platform for you to share your stories of Malaysian life.

We began in 2019 as a virtual online community providing forum and input on the Federal Constitution and share perspectives in interfaith matters and community building. The video Saya Sayangi Malaysia was our project for 2020.

In 2021, we have launched this blog MyCeritaRakyat and welcome you to join us to share stories of daily Malaysian life from all perspectives – ages, ethnic groups, specific communities… to give us a portal where ALL MALAYSIANS HAVE A VOICE…..

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