Guard Your Tongue

by Mary Jeanne

Small is the tongue but 
In the mouth of a wrong person
It can become a weapon of destruction!
How much slander/gossip is your tongue guilty of?
We came with nothing & will leave with nothing


That which we have sown through our words and deeds.
How gross are the sins of slander?
Do you know its weight in comparison?
We wear halos on our heads & 
we seem to have grown wings becoming immaculate.. 
As if we ourselves are without sin,
So pure... that we have the audacity to use  our mouths as pistols, our tongues as bullets! 

Don't always believe what you hear or read about...
It may or may not be the truth!
Better to be seekers after Truth!
The rewards for injustices are not immediate but
Be assured we will have to shoulder the burden of our sins..
Who are we? Who am I?

To be always ready to sit in judgement...
To lie, to slander, to gossip!!!
The only guard we have over our tongue
Is Self-control!

How much self-control do you have?

Are you aware?

Awareness is awareness is Awareness!!!

About the author – At 70, Mary Jeanne, or MJ for short, has experienced much unwarranted gossip and slander.  Believing firmly in the Laws of Karma, she avoids becoming bitter or retaliating in kind.

“As we sow so too shall we reap.”  

She was raped in her teens and, when she called for help from the one who professed to love her, was turned away. Years later he apologized – but what was there to forgive?  She had moved on, grown stronger spiritually and become the person she is today – one who abhors lies.

We are called to be seekers of truth and builders in society. It is so much easier to destroy. Would you rather build or destroy? To love means having to overlook such betrayals specially by those who profess to love us.” – Mary Jeanne

By MyCerita Rakyat

This blog is repository of stories of Malaysian life from anyone who wants to contribute to share with us a true experience as a Malaysian and anyone who lives in Malaysia. We accept stories from all ethnicities and groups. Our only request is that you honor diversity and inclusion and use this forum only to share experiences that reflect the reality of Malaysian living. We ask that you restrict political commentary and stereotyping, and not go beyond the facts of the story you share. We reserve the right to accept, edit and publish any narrative that is submitted. Thank you. The Cerita Rakyat Team

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