My Hometown by Wang Toon Jui

The following video is from a public-speaking community project in Johor Bahru. It involves the Speakers Club, a group of mainly elderly Chinese living in and around Taman Pelangi, and the Kangkar Pulai Speakers, a group of Tamil housewives in Kangkar Pulai, a JB suburb. Club members create and deliver brief speeches on topics they… Continue reading My Hometown by Wang Toon Jui

Ain’t No Place to Call Home

by Kruz Aibrahms Not many of us can claim having more than ten homes while growing up yet I had sixteen by the age of thirty. This was due to my father’s vagrant duty stints.  He was a cop with uncompromising loyalty to his master. In the sixties, transfers were the order of the day for policemen.  We never… Continue reading Ain’t No Place to Call Home

The Inclusive Lions of the Year of the Rat

by Patricia Nunis This was written in January 2020 before the Covid Outbreak hit Malaysian shores.  It was for me a time of promise as I was recovering after a surgical procedure and planning for new work projects to take off, with my new-found health and optimism. Now – it seems like an old snapshot… Continue reading The Inclusive Lions of the Year of the Rat

My Filipino Roots

Jose & Eugenie Montano- Wedding Day 1927 by Angeline Lesslar A tribute by Angeline Lesslar in memory of her grandparents, Jose Montano & Eugenie Adalia, as narrated through the eyes of her grandfather “I was born in 1897 in Cavite Luzon Island, Philippines.  My parents, a sister and two brothers moved to Zamboanga, Mindanao, as… Continue reading My Filipino Roots

Our Children and the Sun

erik-van-dijk-Qr6HGVdteKA-unsplash By Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi I learned in school that the sun is absolutely necessary for photosynthesis to occur in plants so that they can manufacture their own food. In the same vein, I believe that the sun is absolutely necessary to the physical and mental well being of our children. Most… Continue reading Our Children and the Sun