Ain’t No Place to Call Home

by Kruz Aibrahms Not many of us can claim having more than ten homes while growing up yet I had sixteen by the age of thirty. This was due to my father’s vagrant duty stints.  He was a cop with uncompromising loyalty to his master. In the sixties, transfers were the order of the day for policemen.  We never… Continue reading Ain’t No Place to Call Home

Our Children and the Sun

erik-van-dijk-Qr6HGVdteKA-unsplash By Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi I learned in school that the sun is absolutely necessary for photosynthesis to occur in plants so that they can manufacture their own food. In the same vein, I believe that the sun is absolutely necessary to the physical and mental well being of our children. Most… Continue reading Our Children and the Sun

Liberating Minds in Universities

quotes-about-wisdom albert-einstein-quote by Angeline Lesslar After 13 years of education in the controlled and strictly disciplined environments of Malaysian primary and secondary schools, our children enter universities ready to broaden their horizons. Young adults – with minds like sponges – eager to absorb and grow into this next phase of their lives.  Tertiary education will… Continue reading Liberating Minds in Universities