Kesejahteraan Kita

by Dr. Saraswathy Thurairaj Kesengsaraan yang tidak pernah reda, Bumi yang kering tak berhujan, Matahari terik bersinar, Mengingatkan perut kering. Kita sedar dalam diri ada nyawa, Berjalan di bumi Tuhan, Sebelum datangnya kematian, Sudah merasai kematian. Rakyat tidak bertanah, Berusaha di tanah orang untuk mengisi perut, Mendodai kelaparan anak menempat dan tercekik jiwa, Keluhan petani… Continue reading Kesejahteraan Kita

My Filipino Roots

Jose & Eugenie Montano- Wedding Day 1927 by Angeline Lesslar A tribute by Angeline Lesslar in memory of her grandparents, Jose Montano & Eugenie Adalia, as narrated through the eyes of her grandfather “I was born in 1897 in Cavite Luzon Island, Philippines.  My parents, a sister and two brothers moved to Zamboanga, Mindanao, as… Continue reading My Filipino Roots

The Inclusive Lions of the Year of the Rat

by Patricia Nunis This was written in January 2020 before the Covid Outbreak hit Malaysian shores.  It was for me a time of promise as I was recovering after a surgical procedure and planning for new work projects to take off, with my new-found health and optimism. Now – it seems like an old snapshot… Continue reading The Inclusive Lions of the Year of the Rat

Proud to be a Convent Girl in Malaysia

SMK_Convent_Ipoh by Amelia Chiang Kar Mun I am a product of a mission school and super proud of it. My primary and secondary school years at Main Convent Ipoh have taught me about the different cultures and religions, and living within a multiracial community. Main Convent Ipoh was opened in 1907 with only eight pupils  and… Continue reading Proud to be a Convent Girl in Malaysia

The “Salad Bowl” of Multicultural Diversity

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash By Kenneth Lee Tze Wui The other day, I was watching a documentary on YouTube when an iconic patriotic song, Keranamu Malaysia, came on. Its thumping nationalistic beat caught my Thai wife by surprise, and she asked if it was the anthem of my home state, Sarawak. She had heard Malaysia’s national… Continue reading The “Salad Bowl” of Multicultural Diversity

Bilik Seri Setia Group – My Anchor at UPM

By Hooi Chee Mei The Teach For Malaysia team is united by the belief that all children in Malaysia deserve the opportunity to attain an excellent education. We live out our commitment to the mission through 4 core values.“ from Malaysia is a beautiful country with many races, cultures and festivals.   I am… Continue reading Bilik Seri Setia Group – My Anchor at UPM

Bengali and I’m Proud of It

rabindranath-tagore-that-will-change-your-life By Swagata Sinha Roy and Aneeta Sundararaj It starts with staring. Then, the licking of lips. Pulling his hands out of his pockets, he summons the forces within and blurts out, “You fair lah. Chinese or what? Indian, ah?”  “Yes. Indian. Bengali.” “Oh…” Scratching his head, he says, “Bengali is what ah? Malaysia got,… Continue reading Bengali and I’m Proud of It

Living in the Meaningful Social Fabric of Respecting Others

Z Measias John – school activity, author is 2nd from left by Z Measias John I am considered very fortunate to have grown up in a small Malay ‘kampung’ in Melaka that constitutes some other ethnic groups, too, especially the Chinese and Indians. I grew up there from the 60s to the early 90s.  The… Continue reading Living in the Meaningful Social Fabric of Respecting Others