The Lonely Years

by Zara Marissa

The school padang where Zara and her dad have spent their weekend mornings for the past two years to chat and talk about anything and everything.
It all started in 2019

I was so happy 
my first day of school 
yay I said 
I’ll make a lot of friends 
as I prepared all of my school books 

I thought it would be like this 
until I heard the news of a virus 
the teacher told us at school 
I panicked 
I look at my friends
thinking we will never meet again
my mom picked me up from school 
at home I told her the news
she replied what? It's your first year 
then she asked, but did you make a lot of friends?
I said yes 
then I went to my room to change 
then it was dinner 
after dinner I went to bed 
I slept
When I woke up it was the last day of school  
i said goodbye to all of my friends 
it's 2020
now I was able to go to school again but there were rules 
I followed the rules just to meet my friends 
I went to school but a of couple months later it happened again 
I was shocked by the news.
Now it's 2021 
now I could go to school 
but it was short
now we have online classes 
but it wasn't fun at all
I had two or three online classes
Now I'm lonely 
I'm forever gonna be lonely 
now my name is lonely girl 
the end

About the author – My name is Zara Marissa Mazli. I am 9 years old. I miss my friends so much. This story is for them and all the kids out there. Thanks.

By MyCerita Rakyat

This blog is repository of stories of Malaysian life from anyone who wants to contribute to share with us a true experience as a Malaysian and anyone who lives in Malaysia. We accept stories from all ethnicities and groups. Our only request is that you honor diversity and inclusion and use this forum only to share experiences that reflect the reality of Malaysian living. We ask that you restrict political commentary and stereotyping, and not go beyond the facts of the story you share. We reserve the right to accept, edit and publish any narrative that is submitted. Thank you. The Cerita Rakyat Team

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