Growing up in JB by Manga Thayee

The following video is from a public-speaking community project in Johor Bahru. It involves the Speakers Club, a group of mainly elderly Chinese living in and around Taman Pelangi, and the Kangkar Pulai Speakers, a group of Tamil housewives in Kangkar Pulai, a JB suburb. Club members create and deliver brief speeches on topics they are interested in. This is followed by a feedback session where members of the audience comment on what they liked about the speech and how it could be improved. The aim of this not-for-profit project is to help members learn how to express themselves effectively in public.

Growing up in JB by Manga Thayee

By MyCerita Rakyat

This blog is repository of stories of Malaysian life from anyone who wants to contribute to share with us a true experience as a Malaysian and anyone who lives in Malaysia. We accept stories from all ethnicities and groups. Our only request is that you honor diversity and inclusion and use this forum only to share experiences that reflect the reality of Malaysian living. We ask that you restrict political commentary and stereotyping, and not go beyond the facts of the story you share. We reserve the right to accept, edit and publish any narrative that is submitted. Thank you. The Cerita Rakyat Team

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